Thursday, June 1, 2023

What dresses First Lady Carmen Iohannis wore in Japan and Singapore. Photo


One of the dresses Carmen Iohannis wore had a hand-painted iris flower print in watercolours.

The creation belongs to the designer with whom the First Lady has collaborated on several occasions, Andreea Tincu, who said so on her Facebook account. She opted for iris flowers because they are a symbol in the Orient.

"First Lady Carmen Iohannis wore outfits from Andrea Tincu's latest Spring 2023 collection in Singapore. The print is created by hand in watercolours, iris flowers being emblematic in Eastern culture. The uni dress is made of premium silk voile and satin, with hand pleats”, Andreea Tincu wrote on her Facebook account.

The dress with iris flowers, as it appears on Andrea Tincu’s official website, is worth 2650 lei. As usual, after wearing it, it is donated to charity by Carmen Iohannis.

Another dress that Carmen Iohannis wore on the diplomatic tour was a turquoise “uni” dress, below the knee, with long sleeves. In terms of material, it was made of “premium silk voile and satin, with hand pleats”, as Andreea Tincu added.

On the President’s Twitter account, Carmen Iohannis also appears in a third dress during her visit to Singapore. This one was pink, composed of a veil and also went above the knee. The outfit was paired with a handbag and a pair of white shoes.

Another designer the First Lady collaborates with is Eli Lăslean. She gave details about the wife’s preferences. Specifically, she is a fan of very simple, decent outfits that highlight her figure.

“She always likes very simple, decent outfits that highlight her silhouette and are appropriate to the moment of the visit she is making! I particularly appreciate the kindness of the First Lady, who every time she wears an outfit made for her, sends me a photo and thanks me! I feel honoured!”, said Eli Laslean.

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Cover photo: Romania

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