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The unknown story of the Slănic-Moldova, waterfall has come to light after 115 years. Video


The Slănic waterfall is one of the highlights of the resort. And its story has come to light after 115 years.

Slănic-Moldova is a resort in the Moldavian region in the heart of the Nemira mountain.

Miraculous, healing waters

People go here regardless of the season for the miraculous, healing waters, to breathe fresh air and to visit the surroundings. And the waterfall is the ultimate attraction.


Situated about 1.5 km from the centre of the resort, on the right-hand side of the DN12B, which climbs up to the former campsite of the resort, this waterfall at an altitude of 559 m. shows us a unique, fascinating image that lasts for centuries.

This is the only resort in Romania with a beautiful deciduous forest.

Slănic’s waterfall is made of large rocks that descend in steps, the landscape being completed by the deciduous forest on the banks and several bridges built over it, which offer tourists a superb view of nature in all its splendour and wildness.

A printed newspaper

There was a printed newspaper, Curierul Slanicului Moldova. The June 1908 edition is published in the regional newspaper Deșteptarea and here we find several captions highlighting the beautiful mountain resort.

The story of the waterfall in the resort at the foot of Nemirei appeared in the newspaper ,,Curierul Slănicului Moldova”, no. 4, Year VI, Sunday, July 20, 1908.

Love story

A disturbing love story between two young people. In their great desire to remain eternally in love as at the first moment, they allow themselves to be enchanted by the siren call of the river Slănic and accept the call to descend into its bosom, where no one will disturb their happiness, not even the times to come:

"Come, come! Yes, sit down on the river's bed of white and glistening silk. There is the cradle of everlasting love… We will perfume you eternally with our fragrance and sing you immortal hymns, telling the story of your love to those who will listen and understand forever!"

And, determined to give their love eternity, the two threw themselves off the bank into the rushing river, which was waiting for them in an embrace as eternal as their infinite love.

The author of the beautiful story of the waterfall in Slănic-Moldova is the lover of letters, Ilie Ighel Deleanu.


Endlessly flowing waters, fairy-tale nature, friendly people and health benefits are offered free of charge, ad infinitum. It’s the place that will endure through the ages as a testament to our life on Earth.

The small resort of Slănic-Moldova is just at the beginning. It has a past, a present and a wonderful future ahead of it.

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